At Windham Woods School, fostering a community of excellence begins in elementary school which encompasses Grades 1 through 5. Children become engaged and active learners under the guidance of dedicated, experienced teachers who appreciate the value of each student. Our instructors lead daily lessons before classes of no more than 10 students.

Our Curriculum

We teach the core academic subjects while developing the students’ character, creativity, responsibility, independence, and social intelligence. In addition, each student participates in a daily E.C.O. (Engagement, Communication, Organization) class unique to Windham Woods. This class strengthens a student’s ability to engage academically and socially, communicate genuinely, listen effectively, and organize for overall success. This child-centered environment encourages students to think critically and wonder profoundly.

We Value Your Child

Windham Woods School is committed to developmentally appropriate practices that emphasize passionate and differentiated instruction for children who are committed to building strong minds and gracious hearts. As each child is unique in so many ways, so are the methods of instruction. We allow students the opportunity to challenge themselves and grow in a supportive environment while exploring beyond the classroom on our 250 acre campus.

Each student's experience at Windham Woods School is guided by an Individualized Learning Plan created by the student, parents/guardians, teachers, and administrators. This roadmap ensures that classroom instruction will be differentiated and individualized to take advantage of every learner's strengths and needs. At Windham Woods School, our dedicated teachers offer experiences that capture our students’ passions and inspire a lifelong love of learning.