The community of excellence established at the elementary level continues in middle school at Windham Woods for children in Grades 6 through 8. Each student is celebrated for the strengths they bring and for the contributions they make to the school community in a culture characterized by kindness, compassion, and respect for one another. Additionally, the mission at Windham Woods supports the notion that all children can be successful learners.

Students are active participants in the core academic subjects which include language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. Each child also experiences a course unique to Windham Woods focused on Engagement, Communication, and Organization (E.C.O.). This class meets daily and is designed to help students navigate the ever-changing and often complex social norms inherent in today’s society. Being able to read and appropriately respond to body language or interact with peers and adults in a wide variety of settings are among the many skills addressed in our E.C.O. course. Children of all ages and abilities can benefit from this kind of program.

Middle school students are also encouraged to be thoughtful, flexible, and analytical thinkers. They will learn to persevere when confronted with challenges and evaluate situations with an open mind while always respecting the perspective of others. The individuality of middle school children is honored and every child is supported in a nurturing environment. At Windham Woods, we value the importance of developing the whole student.

In order to better understand themselves, students are involved in setting personal goals and evaluating their progress. They learn to recognize and appreciate their individual learning styles and strengths and to advocate for what they need to be successful. In the classrooms, in the woods, and in the greater school community, children continually focus on developing leadership skills. When our students move on from Windham Woods, they will have gained the confidence needed to embrace a world filled with many exciting opportunities.