The Difference


Windham Woods School provides the difference students and families are been looking for. Every child is unique. We individually assess each child’s learning profile and modify our curriculum to meet the needs of every student.

Most students come to us with learning challenges and haven't necessarily been successful at other schools. Our students may have experienced challenges such as ADHD, School related anxiety, and Sensory Integration Dysfunction. When given the right learning environment, we believe all students can learn, and achieve success they never dreamed of.

With nearly 250 acres of trails and forest on our campus, our students will be outside as much as they will be in the classrooms. Knowing how much every student benefits from hands-on learning, our curriculum has a heavy focus on being outside and getting our hands dirty.

Each of our students grades 1-8 will have an Individualized Learning Plan, created by a team including the student, parents, teachers, and administrators. This cooperative plan will allow teachers to best understand, accommodate, and educate each individual learner. It will also allow students to understand how they learn best.

Come visit our campus! We'd love to show you around.